Informative & Interactive Seminars

Mark Myers


Would your employees or members benefit from better communication & conflict resolution skills?  RESOLUTIONS offers custom-designed seminars from 90 minutes to full days, tailored specifically for your organization's needs.  Satisfied clients have commented:
" Informative"                   "Interactive"                "Insightful"             "Exciting"                   "Extremely Engaging"      "Great Speaker .... Keeps You Involved."     "Humorous"                      "Uses Real Life Examples."       
"Easy to Listen to, Entertaining."
"One of the best programs our employees have attended !" 

Our seminars are highly interactive and entertaining.   Mark is an experienced presenter and adult educator, and has presented seminars ranging from lunch meetings to full-day retreats.  Call today for more information about this opportunity to bring your company or organization to the next level !

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