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If you are considering Divorce Mediation, call us for a no-cost, no obligation, consultation.  Mark Myers is a FULL-TIME Qualified & Registered Mediator with more than 24 years' experience helping couples resolve divorce-related issues.  Offices are available in Slidell and New Orleans, LA.  Additional conference facilities in Metairie and Harvey, LA.  Call 985.768.9015 (N.O. # 504.564.7014) or Email myers24ma@aol.com .  

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"Mediation is the most sane, efficient and humane way to resolve the issues of divorce...."   
         DIVORCE MEDIATION is an active process in which the mediator helps you identify all the issues that need to be covered in your separation.  Your mediator will help you determine and resolve the issues associated with divorce, division of marital property, spousal/child support, child custody/visitation, and related issues.  Divorce Mediation is conducted so that there should be no "losers" - one spouse should not win at the expense of the other.  Divorce Mediation helps you both find a "win/win" solution to your divorce-related issues.
        DIVORCE MEDIATION is a non-adversarial process helping people negotiate directly and dissolve marriages once the decision to divorce or separate is made.  We provide you with the opportunity to negotiate mutually beneficial terms in total privacy.  Mediators do not represent any person nor provide legal advice.
        DIVORCE MEDIATION helps identify key issues concerning the division of marital property, support, parenting, and plans for the future.  It helps eliminate the painful "win - lose" atmosphere that is part of all adversarial divorces.  The process is a mutual search for a reasonable resolution where neither partner "wins" at the other's expense.  Resolutions can only emerge from the process with a settlement created and accepted by both. 

It is non-adversarial.   You are partners in decision-making.
It is mutual.   You both must agree on solutions, or there is no agreement.
It helps clarify areas of conflict & agreement.   Most couples have some conflict, and some agreement.  The mediator helps you limit the conflict and discuss issues productively.
It gives you power.   You control your own decision over your own lives.
It is best for your children.   All of the discussions are tempered by the fact that you are both parents of your children and you will have a continuing relationship as parents after you have ended the spouse relationship.
It is cost-effective.   Mediation costs are much less than costs associated with the traditional litigation process.  There are no retainers involved.  Mediation fees are available on a sliding scale (income verification required).
It is confidential.   Mediation sessions are held in a private office setting and are entirely confidential.
It is convenient.   Mediation sessions are scheduled at your convenience.  Sessions can be set as soon as your schedule allows.  Facilities are available in East & West St. Tammany Parish and additional locations are available if required.
It works.    Most mediations are successful on most, if not all, issues presented. 

        Separation and divorce will bring both emotional and physical changes for families.  When couples separate, they need to discuss many issues, including plans for parenting their children, division of property and future financial arrangements.  Stress and conflict may result from these discussions.  The manner in which these conflicts are explored and resolved greatly influences a family's adjustment to separation or divorce.  All too often, while lawyers, judges and the Court system determine a family's future, the family members feel like bystanders in their own separation or divorce.
        MEDIATION is a way for family members to resolve their conflicts before, during or after a separation or divorce.  It is possible to come to an agreement that balances the interests of every family member, even in the face of anger, fear or hurt.  Mediators are neutral professionals.  They help participants clearly define the issues in dispute, keeping open the lines of communication, and promoting rational discussions and acceptable agreements.  Mediators do not make decisions for the family.  They help participants make the decisions the parties believe to be in the best interest of their family. 
        MEDIATION may not work for all families.  Participants must be willing to work whole-heartedly to resolve their conflicts. 

4          MARK MYERS is a Qualified Civil Mediator and a Qualified Child Custody/Visitation/Support Mediator under Louisiana law.  He is listed in the Louisiana Mediator Registry and is a member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators, the Association of Family & Conciliation Courts, and the Association for Conflict Resolution.  Mark is experienced at mediating a variety of legal disputes and can explain the many advantages of DIVORCE MEDIATION in your particular case. RESOLUTIONS has offices in Slidell and New Orleans, Louisiana.and conference facilities also in Metairie and Harvey, Louisiana.
   Mark can be reached at 985.768.9015 (New Orleans Telephone 504.564.7014)  or by email at myers24ma@aol.com.   
        MEDIATION SERVICES are provided at the rate of $240.00 per hour.  No retainer is required.  Depending on the circumstances of each case, an additional administrative fee may apply.  Mediation fees are available on a  reduced sliding scale based on income (verification required).