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Want someone else to evaluate your case?

   Can you recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your case ?
Do you or your opponent need a "reality check" before trial ?

EARLY NEUTRAL CASE EVALUATION gives parties to a dispute the opportunity to obtain an early, neutral case evaluation of the relative strengths and weaknesses of their case.  The process enhances communication between the parties, provides an assessment of the merits of the case by a neutral evaluator, provides a "reality check" for clients and lawyers, identifies and clarifies central issues in dispute, assists with discovery and motion planning or with informal exchanges of information, and facilitates settlement discussions.
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In EARLY NEUTRAL CASE EVALUATION, each party gets the opportunity to present their case to the Neutral Evaluator, who then gives an opinion on the evidence and arguments and suggests ideas for case resolution.  Although the Neutral Evaluator's opinion is not binding, the parties can use it as a basis for negotiations or reconsideration of their evidence and arguments should they desire to proceed to trial.
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MARK MYERS is an experienced Attorney with more than 30 years of experience in evaluating all types of civil cases for clients.  He is an experienced Mediator and Arbitrator with many years of assisting parties resolve their disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process.  Contact Mark at 985.768.9015 or at myers24ma@aol.com to discuss the option of Early Neutral Case Evaluation in your case. 
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* Early Case Evaluation services are provided at the rate of $240.00 per hour.  Depending on the circumstances of your case, an additional administrative fee may apply. *