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  • Student comments from my January 2018 "Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills" seminar: "Extremely engaging."  "Great speaker ... keeps you involved."     "Informative and humorous."     "Uses real life examples."     "Easy to listen to, entertaining." 
  • "Just wanted to let you know that we are extremely satisfied with Mr. Myers as a mediator.  His attention to detail and candor in getting this matter resolved rivaled some of the best mediators I have ever worked with.  I just wanted to pass along my extreme satisfaction to you."  S.L., Corporate Counsel
  • "Thank you so much for presenting your program on Conflict Resolution to the leadership and team memberrs.  The feedback from the program participants indicated the information shared is highly useful to them in their professional and personal lives.  The interactive nature of the program enhanced learning; we have heard staff members discussing the program among themselves as one of the best programs they have attended.  Your insights on how to constructively address conflict increases our staff's skill set in working with their peers, supervisors, and clients.  The staff members found the program exciting and informative.  Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us."  J.W., Corporate Training Director
  • "We were starting our divorce and decided to try mediation.  We were so pleased with Mark and the whole mediation process.  All our issues, including plans for our children and division of all our property, were resolved in just 5 mediation sessions in less than 2 months.  We saved so much time and money and both felt like we could work together on the plan we set up.  This should be required for all couples going through divorce."  C.M. & M.M., divorce mediation participants 
  • "I recently mediated an extremely complicated matter with Mark.  My experience with Mark was magnificent.....During the mediation Mark was in all respects accommodating and gracious to everyone.  Though the environment was challenging, he had the unique ability to objectively discern common ground among the participants.....his demeanor remained reassuring and calming, even as the patience of everyone else had been long exhausted....Mark remained firm and diplomatically persistent in moving the matter toward a reasonable conclusion.  If not for his skills as a mediator, we would still be in contentious litigation today."  S.C., attorney/mediation counsel
  • "I was retained to finalize the divorce of a client who had previously mediated her divorce-related issues with Mark.  She spoke so highly of him and was completely satisfied with the results of their mediation.  She told me that the only issue they didn't resolve was one they never brought up during the mediation."  J.K., attorney for mediation participant
  • "Mark has the winning combination of even temperament, staying power and commitment that makes him an effective mediator."  C.F., attorney/mediation participant 
  • "Mr. Myers is an outstanding mediator.  Simply, he is bright, experienced, and has the necessary temperment."  F.B., attorney/arbitrator
  • "I recently had the pleasure to mediate with Mark.  Despite what proved to be a difficult, ultra-conflicted set of parties with a large number of issues, Mark resolved the matter completely in a matter of hours.  He did an excellent job regulating the discussion and keeping the parties focused on the task of reaching a compromise without passing judgment....I found him to be prompt, effective, and highly skilled ..." J.M., mediation attorney
  • "Mark was appointed by the Court in a recent custody case.  He did an excellent job in assisting the parties to resolve their disputes.  Mark was professional in dealing with the attorneys and parties, as well as knowledgeable of the law."  J.G., mediation attorney 
  • "It has been my pleasure to serve with Mr. Myers in several arbitrations.  Accordingly, I have had the opportunity to observe him at close range under a variety of situations and have found him to perform admirably under all circumstances."  G.S., arbitrator
  • "I found Mark to be a highly capable mediator and, combined with his background in civil mediation and FINRA arbitration experience, I believe he would be a valuable asset..." B.H., attorney/mediator/law professor
  • "I can best describe Mark as a 'natural' mediator...." C.H., mediator/professional counselor
  • "....always fair and intellectually honest....." L.R., attorney/arbitration participant
  • "elicited the truth and facts of the case....a job well done."  P.L., arbitration participant
  • ..... from my 2011 Business Law students ..... "a great teacher" ~ "fun and interesting" ~ "entertaining" ~ "sometimes even exciting" ....
  • "I was going through my own divorce in 1995 and my wife and I decided to try mediation.  We were able to work out our issues regarding custody and support of our children, as well as the fair division of our property, with the assistance of our mediator, Nell Lipscomb.  I began my own divorce mediation training that same year.  My ex-wife and I have both remarried and shared full and equal custody of our children until they became adults.  We, and our spouses, are good friends to this day, and everyone who has experienced our co-parenting efforts agrees this was the best thing we could have ever done."    Mark Myers, principal Mediator & Arbitrator @ RESOLUTIONS.

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“Good lawyers realize that a good settlement is worth more than a good judgment. They don't appeal the settlement, and you get it quicker. If you can get just as much in six months with mediation as you're going to get in two years with a two- or three-week trial, you'd be foolish not to mediate the case.”

Mark A. Myers, PLC
Attorney // Mediator // Arbitrator