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MEDIATION is a voluntary, non-binding process where the parties meet together with the Mediator, a trained neutral party, to fully discuss their dispute in both joint and private sessions.  The Mediator works to promote dialogue between the parties, defuse hostilities, stimulate negotiations, and promote pathways towards a mutual settlement agreement.  The Mediator cannot impose a settlement nor tell the parties what they should do.  The parties control the process and, ultimately, the outcome. 

MEDIATION avoids the conflict and adversarial nature of litigation and allows the parties more control over the process of resolving their differences.

MEDIATION provides a cost-effective and quick method to determine if a dispute can be settled before the parties begin, or continue, to incur increasing costs associated with pursuing their claims in Court.  It allows the parties the opportunity to preserve their business and personal relationships.

MEDIATION sessions are held in a private office setting and are confidential.  Sessions are scheduled to the parties' mutual convenience.  Since the parties remain in control of the process, they are generally satisfied with any agreements reached.

MEDIATION is suitable for many types of disputes, and is especially well-suited for any dispute where the parties will continue to have a personal or business relationship after the dispute is resolved, such as:

  • Divorce issues, including Child Custody/Visitation/Support, and division of marital property
  • Business disputes
  • Employee/Management issues; Co-Worker disputes; Discrimination/Harrassment claims
  • Heirs' claims in disputing terms of a Will or Succession
  • Siblings' differing concerns over aging parental care
  • Neighborhood disputes

MEDIATION also works well with assisting individuals and businesses resolve one-time disputes in a very quick and cost-effective manner.  Examples of cases where MEDIATION works well are:

  • Settlement of Personal Injury and/or Property Damage Claims
  • Consumer/Product/Warranty Claims
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Professional Negligence claims

For the best MEDIATION experience, always ask your MEDIATOR these questions:

  • "Are you a QUALIFIED MEDIATOR under Louisiana law?"
  • Mark Myers is a Qualified Civil Mediator and Qualified Divorce/Custody/Visitation Mediator listed in both specialties in the official Louisiana Mediator Registry.  (While some mediators may obtain initial qualification, they do not meet the  continuing education requirements to remain qualified.  Always ask!).
  • "How much experience do you have as a MEDIATOR?"
  • Mark Myers has more than 24 years' experience as both a MEDIATOR and ARBITRATOR, as well as 33 years as an ATTORNEY.
  • "How many cases have you handled as a MEDIATOR?"
  • Mark Myers has mediated more than 1,000 cases.  He has arbitrated more than 400 cases. 
  • "What is your "success rate" (cases settled in mediation)?"
  • Nationally, the average settlement rate of mediated cases is between 70-80%.  Mark Myers has a success rate above 80%  In other words, when you come to him in mediation, there is an 8 out of 10 chance that your case can be resolved without having to go to trial.  (Each case is different and there is no guarantee of success) 

Mediation Rates

*  Mediation services are provided at the rate of $240.00 per hour.  Half-day sessions (up to 4 hours) scheduled in advance are $900.00;  Full day sessions (up to 8 hours) scheduled in advance are $1,700.00.   Depending on the circumstances of each case, an additional administrative fee may apply.  *  Reduced hourly fees are available in domestic (divorce/child custody/support)  and elder/family mediations with verified proof of income.

Your Mediator

Mark A. Myers is a Qualified Civil Mediator and a Qualified Child Custody/Visitation/Support Mediator under Louisiana law.  He is experienced at mediating a variety of legal disputes and can explain the many advantages of MEDIATION in your case.  He can be reached anytime at 985-768-9015 or