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You can maintain more control. 

You and the other party can control how best to resolve your problem, including which problem(s) you wish to attempt to resolve.

Disputes can be settled promptly.

A mediation session can be scheduled as soon as everyone agrees to attempt mediation (during the litigation process or even before a lawsuit is filed).

Mediation costs can be significantly less.

Savings in time and actual attorney's fees and court costs.

Mediation promotes better personal and/or working relationships.

Cooperation, creative problem-solving, and improved communications.

Parties are more likely to abide by agreements.

"Buy in" with jointly created agreements versus court-imposed decisions.

Mediation is private and confidential.

"What happens in the mediation stays in the mediation."  Your issues are not presented in open Court or in legal filings.  Discussions during mediation remain confidential.

Mediation is voluntary.

Even if court-ordered, the decision to settle or not is entirely up to the parties.  Also, any party may terminate the mediation at any time.  If you don't reach a settlement, simply continue your dispute before the Court.

In Divorce Mediation, the interests of your children are specifically and carefully considered.

In mediation, you have the time to fully explore options to meet your children's best interests, as well as careful consideration of each parent's needs and interests.

Mediation works !

RESOLUTIONS success rate in mediations is in excess of 80%.  In other terms, 8 out of 10 cases that come to RESOLUTIONS to mediate their dispute leave with a settlement agreement. (* Each case is different and there is no guarantee of success in your case).

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